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Twisted Bloody Vodka


A Bloody Mary mix made in vodka, instead of tomato juice! Simply mix it 1 part Twisted Path Bloody Vodka and 3 parts plain tomato juice. Why make our bloody mary backwards? Here’s the story:

We made a bloody mary entirely from scratch. All the way down to making our own Worchester sauce. Just for fun, because that’s the kind of thing we do. It was delicious, and we wanted to make more. So we took the Twisted Path approach, and thought, “What is the best way to make this drink, setting aside how people normally do it?” The answer was obvious.

There is only one perishable ingredient in a bloody mary, tomato juice. So we wanted to separate that out. All the rest of the ingredients (herbs, spices, salt, vinegar) we could put in the vodka. The alcohol would be the preservative, and unlike with raw tomato juice, we could steep real herbs and spices directly in the vodka, we wouldn’t have to use “flavorings” or preservatives, like tomato-based mixes do.

The end result is an 80 proof vodka that has all you need in a bloody mary already in it, and you just add it to plain tomato juice. It’s easy, it tastes better, and it’s shelf stable at room temperature. So if you might want to have a bloody now and then, you can have Twisted Bloody Vodka in your liquor cabinet, and little cans of tomato juice in your kitchen cabinet. Just pop open a can of the juice and add Twisted Bloody Vodka. No need to get out lots of bottles of things to make it taste great, and no mediocre tomato-based mix going bad in the back of your fridge.

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